1/1/0001 | 5:00 PM
Meeting point: at the Grieserhof in Nals
Accompanied by
Costs: free
Piazza Municipio, 1/A, 39010 Nalles
Phone: 0471 678619
Apple orchard tours
Judith, a young farmer from the Grieserhof, leads you through the Nals apple orchards which are located in the lower part of the village at a height of 250 m not far from Meran/Merano. She’ll be pleased to share with you her passion for rural life and her knowledge of apple growing.
A walk through the orchards will provide a detailed insight into the cultivation of the South Tyrolean Apple, and you’ll learn lots of interesting facts about agriculture and the work involved. At the end of the tour there’s a tasting for you to discover for yourself the quality of the apple. During the guided tour in Nals you can also look forward to a sweet apple surprise, which Judith is only too happy to prepare for participants.