When Andreas Gschleier talks about his work, his eyes light up: "When I work in the apple orchards, I’m in complete harmony with myself, it’s almost meditative." Andreas enjoys being able to look up into the sky, hear the birds sing and know that his trees offer a home to many beneficial insects.

Organic apples varieties such as Braeburn, Gala, Pilot, Bonita, Natyra® and Kanzi® grow on his 7 hectares. A total of 250,000 apple trees produce fruit here and Andreas handles each tree at least ten times a year.

"You can't control everything"

Respect for nature is particularly important to the organic farmer who, for example, drives a tractor with special tyres to protect the apple orchards’ soil and doesn’t use anti-hail nets so that birds of prey can enjoy freedom of movement in their natural habitat.

Occasionally he has to accept losses resulting from hail damage, but that goes with the territory. “As an organic farmer, you can't control everything," he says with a broad grin.