Visiting a South Tyrolean apple farmer

From early shift to frost protection

Do you know what distances the South Tyrolean Apple covers after harvest, or what pheromone traps are? No? Then an apple tour is perhaps just the thing for you. Farmers all over the province will guide you through their fields.

Simply locate a guided tour in your preferred area on the South Tyrol map and experience apple cultivation up close and personal. Gain insight into the secrets of the apple farmers - from the latest technology of today and the gnarled giants of the past. Afterwards, you can taste for yourself. Mmmh…
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Guided tours on request
Furthermore guided tours can be booked on request for the following fruit cooperatives:
  • Fruit cooperative Lanafruit in Lana: on request
  • Fruit cooperative Cafa in Merano: on request
  • Fruit cooperative Mivor in Laces: in addition to the dates listed below on request
  • Fruit cooperative Melix in Varna: in addition to the dates listed below on request