Apple stories

Get to know the South Tyrolean Apple growers

You love apples, but have you ever thought about who’s behind the cultivation of these juicy, sweet fruits packed with vitamins?
We’ll change that today by introducing you to some of our apple farmers.

More than 7,000 apple farmers in South Tyrol/Südtirol cultivate their mostly small farms, with a growing area of two to three hectares, all over the province. With plenty of passion, diligence and hard work, they ensure that the fruit baskets are always full to the brim.

Here are some brief portraits of South Tyrolean apple growers. Think about their interesting stories the next time you take a delicious bite!
Evi & Armin Florian
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Andreas Tauber
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Andreas Gschleier
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Ernst Hofer
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Thomas Oberhofer
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Thuile Family
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Martin Schuster
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Priska Weger
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Konrad Delazer
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365 days of hard work and passion

In service of the apple

The work of an apple farmer is much more than just picking apples. The farmer has all sorts of jobs to carry out throughout the year, and the most intensive time is certainly harvest time in autumn. Each variety has its own harvest and delivery dates, which every farmer has to adhere to. This is sometimes quite stressful.
During this time, soil samples are taken for analysis and the plants are fertilized. If a new orchard is planned, the old trees are cleared, roots removed and the soil broken up in autumn.

In winter, the shoots of the trees are pruned. Now is also the time for further training and maintenance of the machines.

In spring, the young trees are planted in new orchards. During this season, temperatures present a major challenge. If they sink below zero during the frosty nights, the frost protection irrigation measures come into play. The resulting ice wraps the sensitive apple blossoms in a protective coat and allows them sparkle in the sun. Then it’s as if the apple plantations have been transformed into almost magical landscapes.

In the summer, surplus and damaged fruits are removed, the grass beneath the trees is mowed and the apple trees are checked for beneficial insects and pests.