In harmony with nature
South Tyrolean farmers have always set store by the freshness and quality of their products and their transparent production. Today, integrated and organic farming is more important than ever. What has been taken for granted in South Tyrol for a long time was finally made official in 1988 with the Workgroup for Integrated Fruit Production (AGRIOS): sustainable production of quality fruit. Today, 96% of South Tyrol’s orchardists follow the strict guidelines of the association.
bio-marienkaefer Integrated cultivation – bound to quality
Integrated cultivation – bound to quality
What characterizes integrated cultivation? The orchardist makes it his goal to keep the natural balance of the fruit orchard. Insect-eating birds, hedgehogs, ladybugs and other natural beneficial adversaries of pests are protected. Intervention is only implemented when necessary to protect plants and fruits. In addition, the farmer also takes care of soil fertility and health.

Integrated cultivation is subject to strict monitoring which guarantees healthy and high-quality apples. Furthermore, thanks to a comprehensive system of quality control in South Tyrol, the complete processing cycle is retraceable in order to guarantee the adherence of all guidelines regarding hygiene and food safety.

Naturally organic
In the production of South Tyrolean apples, plant protection measures are only used when other ecological measures are no longer effective. With strict limitations: the measures used may not pose acute danger to man and animals, must be quickly biodegradable and gentle on water, soil and air. The residues remaining always lie far below the legal limits. All prescribed guidelines for integrated fruit production in South Tyrol are available on the website of AGRIOS.
Naturally organic
South Tyrol is, with approx. 41,000 tons annually, Europe’s largest organic apple producer. And a true pioneer in organics. In the eighties, South Tyrolean orchardists had already started producing apples according to organic guidelines. Today, about 10% of the total harvest is cultivated organically. Organic apples in South Tyrol are grown according to two methods: on the one hand, bio-organic cultivation with nature-oriented methods and without the use of chemically synthesized plant protection and fertilizing measures; on the other hand, bio-dynamic cultivation, which checks every measure for its effect on the entire ecosystem and where the influence of the constellations is taken into account.
South Tyrolean apple varieties
  • Idared
  • Elstar
  • Fuji
  • Braeburn
  • Jonagold
  • Gala
  • Kanzi®
  • Rubens®
  • Modi®
  • Golden Delicious
    Golden Delicious
  • Winesap
  • Granny Smith
    Granny Smith
  • Red Delicious
    Red Delicious
  • Morgenduft
  • Pink Lady®
    Pink Lady®
  • Pinova
  • Topaz
  • Jazz