South Tyrol is one of the main producers of organic apples in Europe and a true pioneer in organic farming. As early as the 1980s, some South Tyrolean fruit growers started to grow apples according to organic guidelines. Today, for example, 12% of the total harvest in South Tyrol is organically produced.

South Tyrol's apple farmers are closely connected with nature. Organic farmers forgo the usage of chemical/synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Instead, they use their own means to promote natural resistance and the plant's own defences against fungi and pests.

Today there are two methods in the organic sector: organic cultivation and biodynamic cultivation. Both work according to the same principles.
Biodynamic cultivation also double-checks every measure to check that it’s compatible with the holistic ecosystem based on Rudolf Steiner's teachings. The biodynamic farmer also takes into account the influence of the stars on the growth of the plants and on the effectiveness of individual protective measures.