Pink Lady apple
Pink Lady®
The peel of the Pink Lady® is thin and smooth and - as the name suggests - about two thirds of the peel is covered in bright pink red. The firm and juicy pulp is sweet and exhibits aromas of wild berries, vanilla and lychee, which is why this apple is often called the "paradise apple."

Peter Thuile, apple grower from Gargazon/Gargazzone, about the Pink Lady®
The late ripening and very productive club apple Pink Lady® is not harvested in South Tyrol until November, making it the last variety to be harvested in South Tyrol. This means that only deep valley locations such as the Etschtal valley and the Unterland valley are suitable for its cultivation. The attractive pink colour definitely makes this apple unique.
sweet sour
mild aromatic
melting firm
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Apple spaghetti on a honey-apple mousse
Apple spaghetti on a honey-apple mousse
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