In order to be able to harvest beautiful apples in your own garden, you need to tend to your trees regularly. For the shoots to continue to grow, you should prune your apple trees mainly in winter. If you want to slow down the growth of shoots, however, we recommend pruning in the second half of summer. In both cases you should remove all excess and overly strong shoots (any over 40-50 cm).

Young trees
Aim for a spindle-like tree shape (similar to a Christmas tree). Prune away strong shoots at the top and tie down any weak shoots. Remove double shoots and shoots that are too dense or low on the trunk. You can leave weak fruit shoots.

Yield trees
For trees that are already bearing fruit, make sure you keep the top section slim. Remove dried out and diseased branches and cut back old and tired ones. Sections of branches which are too thick should be thinned so that the sun can reach all the apples.