Apples are not only healthy, they can also make you beautiful, because they have the same PH value as our skin and are therefore ideally suited for cosmetic applications. Even in former times, people knew about the beneficial effect of apples on the skin, and the forbidden fruit of paradise was considered a true elixir of beauty. Apple cream, apple balm or apple milk - these apple-based household remedies were widely used. Today, many people are going back to natural beautifiers.

Try apple products or do-it-yourself beauty masks and apple-based creams. The active constituents, especially pectin, make even sensitive skin velvety soft.

DIY apple beauty mask: Mix grated apple and honey, or apple and curd, and apply a thin layer to the face. After about 15 minutes, the cream can be washed off using lukewarm water. The result: radiant and velvety skin.