Lasagne with apple sauteed in butter and Calvados

Dessert with Gala apples from South Tyrol

Difficulty: easy
Preparation time: 45 min
Baking/cooking time: 30 min
Style: modern
Apple: Gala
For the sauce
150 ml milk
150 ml cream (30 % fat)
150 g quark
50 g raw cane sugar (not cane sugar)
The seeds of 1 vanilla pod (2 cm)
(alternatively, 40 g raw cane sugar and 10 g vanilla sugar)
25 g cornflour

For the filling
2 apples Südtiroler Apfel PGI (Gala)
40 g butter
2 dsps. raw cane sugar
50 ml Calvados (preferably a mild variety suitable for cooking)

For the topping
Approx. 40 to 50 g flaked almonds
1 heaped tsp. vanilla sugar

Other ingredients
3 sheets of pre-cooked lasagne
Manfred Zimmer Created by Manfred Zimmer
Sweet apple lasagna
For the sauce
Place all ingredients in a bowl and combine well.

For the filling
Do not peel the apples. Quarter, core and slice into 4-5 mm (outer side) wedges.
Melt the butter in a frying pan, add the apple wedges, simmer briefly and then sprinkle with 2 dsps. raw cane sugar. Stir carefully. Simmer for 1 – 2 minutes and then deglaze with Calvados. Simmer again for 1 minute.
Important: The apple wedges should remain firm so that they do not fall apart when transferring to the casserole dish. Set aside 4 apple wedges to top the lasagne.
Arrange approx. 10 apple slices on the bottom of a casserole dish followed by a sheet of lasagne. Repeat this procedure twice, finishing with a sheet of lasagne.
Pour the sauce into the casserole dish until it just covers the top sheet of lasagne.
Sprinkle a layer of flaked almonds on top of the dish. Arrange the 4 apple slices in the centre of the layer of almonds.
Sprinkle with 1 heaped teaspoon of vanilla sugar.
Pour a little of the remaining Calvados in the saucepan on top of the apple wedges

Place in the oven and bake for approx. 25 minutes at 200°C (fan-assist) The almonds should be slightly toasted and the apple wedges slightly browned (but not too dark at the edges).