As Martin Spechtenhauser walks through his apple orchards, he stops time and again to inspect his apples and the condition of his apple orchards. With his trained eye, he recognises problems instantly and can react to them immediately.

After his agricultural training, Martin (aged 18) went to Brazil for a few months to gain new agricultural experience and knowledge. After this exciting time, he received several interesting job offers. But it was very clear to him: His home and his future are at the Unterburghof farm in Allitz/Alliz in the Vinschgau valley. Owned by his family since the 16th century, his farm is in a stunning location.

Martin’s apple orchards are between 1050 and 1100 metres above sea level, in one of the highest locations where apples are grown in South Tyrol. Growing apples of the highest quality at these altitudes is a major challenge. “But the quality of the fruit on the inside is all the better. They simply have a more intense taste,” says Martin. He is particularly proud of his Golden Delicious that have the typical red cheeks.

The Spechtenhauser family’s apple orchards are mostly interconnected along the Gadria rubble cone below the farm. This offers the advantage that Martin’s workplace is located directly near the house and the whole family can work together. His children in particular can hardly wait to harvest and taste the ripe fruits.
Harvest time is intense, and it can only be managed by the entire family and many harvest helpers showing the utmost dedication.
Although the work is exhausting, Martin doesn’t only consider being an apple farmer his job, but his passion, too.