When you have something in your head, you have to act on it. No matter what people think or say. Hartmann Calliari lives by this motto.

The apple farmer from Tramin/Termeno converted his farm to an organic one in 1996. Organic cultivation was still in its infancy back then. Many considered people like Hartmann to be green geeks: “It was something innovative. Organic farmers were not accepted at the time.” But time is proving the organic farmer right. Nowadays, he knows his decision was the right one.

Even as a child, Hartmann helped out on his father’s farm. He later worked part-time in another orchard to gain experience. He now runs the farm together with his family.
Hartmann likes pruning best because he can be there all by himself and is out in the fresh air all day long. Hartmann not only cuts back the apple tree branches in winter, but in summer too, so that the fruits can get more air and light. He must be accurate, as with every job in agriculture. Any mistake can affect next year’s harvest. “A new game starts every year. And every year it gets exciting anew,” says Hartmann. And even if the fruit grower does everything right, this does not guarantee a good harvest. The weather also plays an important role. Hail, frost or constant rain affect the growth and quality of the fruit. Here, at 220 m above sea level, luckily there’s usually a lot of sun. The perfect conditions for apples to ripen.

In future, Hartmann will focus on making his farm greener – i.e. conserving and protecting the natural habitat – and this is something he would like to do with his daughter.