An office job wouldn’t suit Felix Telser. He likes being outside in the fresh air all day long: “It’s simply the best thing.” Even as a child, the man from Kortsch/Corzes knew that we would work in agriculture one day. And that’s despite not helping much on the farm in the past.

His father always gave him the freedom to choose whether he wanted to work on the farm or not, and probably did everything right as a result. Aged 20, Felix joined the business in 2016. In the same year, he and his father switched to organic farming. These days, all generations at the farm are enthusiastic about the decision and all work together. The Telser family reseeds every year, experiments with the cultivation of special red eating pears and produces its own compost.

At the edge of an apple orchard, cow dung enriched with hay and stone flour is stored for metres. When it starts to turn into compost, it well and truly steams and smokes. “Then you have to turn it a lot. Making compost is a science in itself,” says Felix laughing. However, he is happy to take on the additional work as it can improve the soil quality in the apple orchards.

In addition to classic varieties, Felix also cultivates many club varieties. This move is rather unusual for an organic farm, but the young farmer hopes this will give him the edge in future. He has next set his sights on combining organic and biodynamic cultivation methods. And still spending a lot of time in the great outdoors.