Judith isn’t a typical apple farmer. She loves the combination of working in the apple orchard and working with guests. This variety suits her down to the ground. “Even as a child, I told my father that I would be a hotel manager one day,” remembers Judith laughing. These days, her dream has come true – well nearly. While the Mathà family doesn’t have a hotel, they do have four ultra-modern holiday apartments in the listed barn they converted.

Almost the entire family works together on the 800-year-old Grieserhof farm in Nals/Nalles: Mum Charlotte, Dad Peter and daughter Judith. Since 2017, the joyfully natural Judith has brought new momentum to her parents’ farm. Since then she has been working full-time on the farm and has found her vocation out in the orchards and in the holiday apartments.

Judith conjures up breakfast for the guests, dries various fruits from the garden, boils syrups and turns apples into tasty jams. Her apple spread made from the red-fleshed Redlove® or the one made from Granny Smith and Kanzi® apples is devoured faster than Judith can prepare it. Her famous Christmas jam for the winter, with a hint of cinnamon and lemon juice, is particularly well received by visitors.

And in between all her work, the young farmer also makes time to run weekly apple orchard tours on the farm. She is constantly motivated by seeing what she’s achieved at the end of the day.