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Quality and origin certified by the European Union
The South Tyrolean Apple PGI has been chosen as an ambassador for authentic quality, because its juicy goodness and crispness result from the particular geographical and climatic characteristics that can only be found in South Tyrol, as well as the traditional, natural and controlled farming methods used.
The PGI quality mark
Only those apples that can meet the following criteria are awarded the PGI quality mark:
  • they are grown on one of the 7,000 family farms in South Tyrol
  • they are produced according to integrated or organic cultivation methods
  • they have passed all of the stringent quality checks carried out by an independent body.
The PGI certification forms the link between high-quality regional produce and its provenance in the territory of origin. Choosing a South Tyrolean Apple PGI means choosing an original, safe and genuine product to eat. From South Tyrol. Guaranteed!